Yesterday I posted this on my personal Facebook page.

Upfront I want to say I have voted IN I sent my postal vote off some time ago. I don’t wish to get into any debates about this. I don’t normally bring up politics, but I feel so strongly that this is about humanity not politics that I had to share my thoughts.



I decided to vote in from a intellectual or ‘head’ perspective because I am someone who weighs up the down side risk against the upside gain before I make personal and business decisions. I always have and I see this as no difference. I view the EU as far from perfect. All political organisations are, however I see the downside risk as huge. There is no precedent for this. If Germany or France were to leave, how would the UK feel? Would it feel like a betrayal? How can we possibly hope to get the benefits from the EU without the downsides? Remaining gives more economical stability and predictability. I also believe strongly in freedom of movement. I don’t want to see my European friends facing the possibility of deportation or Brits I know facing the possibility of having to move back to the UK. Whilst there are a few individuals who may benefit from a leave vote I believe the country as a whole will be better off remaining. I think Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert did a very good job of covering the balance between the two in his blog post a week or so ago.

If someone is risk adverse or unsure a vote to maintain the status quo is logical.

That said a large part of my vote came from a ‘heart’ perspective. I believe in collaboration and community. I believe in a connected, loving world where we strive to work together to create a better future for the next generation. We live in a technologically advancing world with ever increasing globalisation. Embracing other nations and loving our neighbours feels like the compassionate and human response. I can’t help but compare the feel of the country now to this time a little over 4 years ago. The national pride during London 2012 was one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed.

I am IN


Whatever you do today can I urge you to go out and vote. This is the most pressing issue I am aware of in my lifetime so far. Whichever way you decide to vote please make sure you are doing so from a place of fact and opinion. If you personally benefit from leaving and wish to vote on this basis that is a conscious vote. However, please do not vote from a place of hate and fear driven by an out of control media.

If you are on the fence please still go out and vote.


Whichever way you vote please today choose to hug and love those close to you and share a smile and word of kindness with people you pass in the street. Only love can overcome hate

I’d never normally talk about politics here. In fact I’d never normally bring up politics in my personal life either.

Whichever way you voted and whatever the reason for your vote turbulent times are bound to be ahead. I’m sure many people voted to leave based on fact and the belief it was best for them, however I also believe many voted based on fear or hate. Logistically this is going to be a massive feat to achieve. There is no precedent, will so much to unpick and redo.

Even if leaving is the ‘right’ thing for the country in the long run there is the potential for it to stir up hatred, xenophobia and bigotry in the short term. We need love, cooperation and collaboration now more than ever.

I feel heartbroken, but it also enforces my belief that we need operate from a place of love rather than fear. It’s our time to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’ and ‘save the western world’.

There will be people who’s futures are now uncertain who feel anxious, other people will feel victorious and others will be fearful.

Today I will be spreading love as best I can and urge you to do the same.

With love


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