I recently attend the One Woman Conference. Assuming they are planning on running another one I’d recommend going.

I won’t spoil the fun and try and rehash the weekend here, but I will share one of the main things I took away from the event.

Who has your back?

I’ve written before about the importance of your support network/tribe/troop and ideas on how to make more friends, but the One Woman Conference took this a step further for me.

We were asked to pick one area of our life and to list who is in our network. Who gives us practical support, advice, mentorship, sponsorship, accountability, financial support, fun, emotional support and spiritual support?

Who would you call?

Who is there for you when things aren’t going so well? Who could you ask for help when you need it?

We then thought about where was the biggest gap and where would make the most difference to our lives. It could be as simple as “I need a really good cleaner in London” (which I happen to do if anyone knows of one!) or something bigger like “I need a someone senior in my career who believes in me and will act as a sponsor as I progress my career”

Who would you add?

Which one would make the difference for you? At the conference we then split into groups of 6 and took it in turns to explain which one person would help bolster our network. The benefit of this is that even if the people in our group didn’t have an idea in mind straight away we now had 5 other people also looking for a solution for us. So simple, yet so powerful.

Now, I realise you may not go up to the nearest 5 strangers and say ‘hey, fancy creating a quick circle to discuss what gaps we have in our network’, but now you have in mind the one person that would help you most, you can start asking people as you go about your everyday life.

Don’t be scared to ask for help

I know it can feel strange asking for help. We’re so used to having it all together and being superwomen it can seem like an admission of failure. How about thinking about it actually as the most efficient way to reaching your goals?

Whenever I ask for help I also feel it’s important to give some help too. Not necessarily to the same person. More a ‘pay it forward’ principle I guess.

Once you know who the number 1 person that would make your life easier is head over to Facebook and let us know. You never know you may just find them there!

Your turn…

Step 1: Chose an area of your life

Step 2: Along the side of a page of paper write the following areas and after each one jot the names or initials of the person or people in your tribe who support you in that area. You may find the same name comes up more than once.

Practical –

Advice –

Mentorship –

Sponsorship –

Accountability –

Financial –

Fun –

Emotional –

Spiritual –

Step 3: Scan the list and consider where is the biggest gap. Have a think about what difference it would make to you and your ability to reach your dreams if you had someone in your network in that gap.

Step 4: At the bottom of your page write down and complete the following sentence

“I am looking for someone to be part of my network to provide _____ support”

Step 5: Keep this gap in mind as you go about your daily life, be brave and when the opportunities arise mention what sort of person you’re looking for. Remember your first ask can always be to us via Facebook.

Step 6: When you find the person accept the help and say thank you!

p.s. don’t forget to pay the favour forward when you can.

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