According to this poll the most popular new year resolutions are losing weight, getting fitter and eating more healthily.

However, most people quit their resolutions within a month. 

As you know I’m not a fan of new years resolutions. There is so much expectation and pressure from having a large general resolution. I know it’s not as glamorous, but how about making one tiny change and then once that’s a habit adding one more small change. If you made one change a month by the end of the year you will have created 11 new habits.

Small actions consistently will always outperform large changes which only last a short time. 

To help with this I asked some top Health Bloggers to give their tips for one small change to make right NOW.

1. Mark from Paleo Castle recommends you:

“Figure out your why. Write down your why, hang it where you can see it, and visualize it as often as possible. If your reason is strong enough you’ll want to get going right away. And there are 1000 whys for developing your health – to live longer, to look better, to prevent illness – just make your why super super strong, and really feel it”.

2. Donna from Eighty 20 Nutrition recommends you:

“Start a food diary and take stock of what, when and why you eat. By simply writing down your daily food intake will bring things into better perspective. Start thinking how your diet can be changed and dig deeper as to why you may reach for certain types of food. A healthy and clear mindset makes the transition to a healthy body much easier”.

3. Amy from Skyn Therapy Blog recommends you:

“Start adding MORE fruit and veggies to your diet, don’t focus on the daunting task of restricting you diet, simply add more antioxidant rich foods to your routine for glowing skin and increased vitality!”

4. Izzie from Pure Divine Yoga recommends you:

“Meditation, still your mind away from the term we call “the monkey mind” in yoga. The answers are all within yourself, a lack of physical well being will shape your emotions and you will suffer mentally if you are not conscious to the truth of the matter. You have to become aware and witness these emotions and your reactions to them in the first instance. Taking time out in your day to focus on these sensations will assist you in having clarity and you will be able to set an intention for what you would like to change day to day to make your life more fulfilled”.

5. Diana from Your Good Health – Naturally recommends you:

“Exclude as many chemicals from your life as possible by eating organic and using natural toiletries and household products”.

6. Brigitte from Low Carb High Fat London recommends you:

“If you want to get rid of weight or just the look-and-feel as if you were seven months pregnant, leave carbohydrates out of your food. Change your fuel from carbs to healthy fat”.

7. Vanessa from The Life Sutra recommends you:

“Use glasses with amber blu blockers  if you work on a computer or look at a screen late in the evening. The glasses block out the blue colour (which your brain registers as daylight) allowing your body to work with circadian rhythm producing melatonin and prolactin – hormones needed for a great nights sleep. Sleep is often underestimated for health and weight loss but it is critical for memory, immunity, reducing inflammation, stress reduction, rest, cellular repair, digestion, it even helps you live longer! It’s not always about the quantity of sleep you also need to consider the quality of sleep so you balance your hormones to give you a surge of cortisol in the morning to allow you to bounce out of bed”. 

8. Jo from Comfort Bites recommends you:

“The easiest thing you can do to get started with a healthier lifestyle is to replace any refined starches in your diet with vegetables. Try and choose veggies from a wide range of colours – for example beetroot, radishes, greens, peppers, carrots. Replace your pasta and bread with a couple of different types of veggies and you’ll boost your nutrients immediately. You’ll be surprised at how colourful your meals will suddenly look, too”. 

9. Serena from The Juicy Health Company recommends you:

“Keep it simple: drink more water. Especially if you’re overindulging. Drink it before you stand up in the morning, drink it before every meal, drink it after exercise, drink it when you think you’re hungry, drink it before bed. Just drink it! Dehydration is part of the route cause of many health issues and particularly in winter when we are shut up in air conditioned, heated rooms that dry us out faster. Filtered is best, out of a glass vessel is best. But just drink it!”

10. Jenna from Raw Rhubarb recommends you:

“Make a conscious effort to reduce your sugar intake. Remember they are not obligatory, nobody will really notice or shouldn’t mind if you turn down any treats. Have alternative, yet still indulgent savoury options in place to help you resist them and not feel like you’re missing out”.

11. Stacy from Get Green on the Inside recommends you:

“Move more! Walk to the shop instead of driving, walk after dinner before switching on the TV, if you work in a sedentary job walk around whilst you use the phone, use a photocopier on a different floor, go see your colleague rather than send an email. There are so many opportunities to move – your body will thank you for it! If you can build up to a morning set of sun salutations (yoga sequence) then do that too! And remember, an hour at the gym can’t undo 23 hours of sedentary….”

12. Nicola from Nudi Organics recommends you:

“Minimal effort and absolutely free – sleep with the window open (even just a crack!). When we sleep, our bodies heal and we breathe out toxins. We need a flow of fresh air to take these away so we don’t inhale them again. In addition, a cool air temperature is thought to aid in restful sleep so there is a bonus too!”

13. Jan from Healthy Perspective recommends you:

“Start by making one change and make it a permanent change. Often you’re confronted with having to change everything in your diet in one fail swoop. It works for the few highly motivated souls but most of us work better with a more gradual change, so it almost feels like nothing is happening (plus you’re more in control of the change!). So maybe start by changing the oils you cook with and use (from highly processed Omega 6 rich oils, such as sunflower and vegetable oil, to natural minimally processed oils and fats, such as lard, coconut oil and goose fat). Or you could switch pasta for courgette and sweet potato noodles. One step at a time, making permanent changes to how you eat. Make a change every week, or month, whatever suits your timescale and situation”.

14. Finally, I recommend you:

“Add in mini relaxation breaks throughout your day. Sometimes we think relaxation has to take up lots of time, however as little as one minute to allow your brain to relax can make a huge difference to your stress levels. This relaxation can take many forms, but one simple one is to take yourself somewhere quiet (even if it’s sitting on the toilet!). Close your eyes. Rest your hands on your stomach. Breath in allowing your stomach to rise. Breath out allowing your stomach to fall. Repeat this focusing on your hands moving in and out for one minute, or as long as you have”.
Which one of these will you commit to?

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