The world can feel like it’s spinning so fast that craving balance is futile.

(p.s. You can never achieve ‘Balance’.  ‘To balance’ is a verb. It has the meaning “to bring to or hold in equilibrium”. It is not a state we achieve and forget about. It’s something we constantly tweak and work on)

Take a deep breath

(inhaaaale and exhaaaale…)

That’s better.

You are not alone. You do not need to be superwoman.

Life is better with support.

You see I know how it is. I was super effective. Excelling in all areas of my life (except for looking after me!). Climbing the corporate ladder. Until I got sick (you can read my sad sorry tale here ;)) I had put so much of my focus, energy and time into the external that the internal crumbled in spectacular style. I spent so much time focusing on my career, my finances, my family, my friends. I forgot about my other needs.

I see this so often with women. ‘Trying to have it all’ is bullsh*t. Well at least trying to have it all at once is. For some women the focus lack of the focus on the internal shows up in a physical/mental illness and/or weight gain. It’s literally our bodies way of saying…

‘Hey, you crazy cat. Slow down. Think about me occasionally. Relaxation isn’t bad’.

My passion is to help ambitious, driven women who crave balance in their lives. I’m fortunate enough to understand the demands of the corporate lifestyle and to have become coach to help balance the needs of the body and mind. Through using my experience and skills I can allow you learn from my mistakes and become a stronger and more effective woman. With no requirement for your body to breakdown first – seems more efficient that way – no?

Nutrition + Fitness + Mindset + Happiness + Relaxation

The School of Balance was created as a safe home for women who crave greater balance in their lives. There is a ton of free information on the site in the form of articles, recipes and interviews with experts from around the world.

As humans we often look for a sign that the time is ‘right’. Sometimes that is a big slap in the face. Often though it’s that little voice inside of you telling you now is the time or something as simple as this sentence giving you permission to invest in you

Now is the right time. Now is YOUR time.

You are invited…

You are invited to go and explore and see how The School of Balance can help you. It is your resource, packed full of free advice and guidance on how to live a more balanced life. Click HERE to get started or join one of our courses below.

Are you ready to get serious about your wellbeing?


About Sarah

“Sarah was a high achiever in the corporate world, before a serious illness made her revaluate her life. Using her experience of corporate life and a series of complimentary techniques she now helps busy women who crave greater balance in their lives. She is trained mindfulness meditation practitioner, reiki master, nutritionist and Desire Map facilitator”.



The School of Balance is a safe place for women who crave more balance in life. Founded by Sarah Garton in 2014, its mission is to help women retain their ambition and achievement whilst finding more balance in their fitness, health and home life.

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